Puzzling Pipelines

| The word for “puzzle” in Spanish is “rompecabezas”—literally, a head breaker. The term serves as an apt description of Mexico City’s hydrologic tangle, a multi-faceted conundrum that exemplifies the global need to make water systems sustainable. Legend has it that Mexico City was founded in a sacred location. For more than two centuries, the Mexica ... READ MORE

Pipe Rehabilitation and Trenchless Pipe Repairs for Urban Environments

| The responsibility for repair and maintenance of pipelines is borne by the entity that installed it in the first place. Major pipelines such as interstate aqueducts may be the responsibility of the federal or state governments. Regional storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and water supply mains are managed by county and city governments. Utility service lines (gas pipelines, electrical power transmission lines, telephone, cable TV, internet, etc.) are maintained by the utility in question. Commercial service lines and pipelines of all kinds are usually installed and repaired by the businesses and property owners that installed these connections, as are homeowners and individual business owners. ... READ MORE

How to Evaluate and Manage Pipeline Infrastructure

| Asset management has emerged as a methodology that water agencies have adopted to evaluate and manage their pipeline infrastructure. The profiles of public works and water utility departments discussed in this article reflect how, over the course of 25 years, water agencies have transitioned from replacing a pipe simply because its old to evaluating pipelines regularly, using multiple criteria to decide when and whether first to replace or repair pipelines facing deterioration, even potential catastrophe. ... READ MORE

Infrastructure’s Inflection Point

| As evinced by the number of water main breaks, failed water quality tests, and low scores on infrastructure report cards, the network of pumps and pipes that keep America’s lifeblood flowing is in dismal shape. Not only is repairing the aging system necessary in order to address the most critical issues and maintain current levels ... READ MORE

Rehabilitating Stormwater Pipe

| In the booming 1990s, Orange County took a close look at its growing—and aging—water infrastructure to make decisions about maintaining and upgrading it. They decided to contract outside their own stormwater department for making the repairs to the system. The Stormwater Management Division in Orange County has been through many changes since then. Today it employs approximately 104 different technicians, engineers, equipment operators, foremen, and inspectors, who are jointly responsible for the planning, operation, and maintenance of unincorporated Orange County's storm and flood drainage systems. ... READ MORE

Pipe Sleuth

| A clear understanding of water main break rates can be helpful for assessing pipe performance and making key decisions related to water infrastructure asset management. In March, Utah State University’s Buried Structures Laboratory published a new study on pipe break rates. The report, titled, “Water Main Break Rates In the USA and Canada: A Comprehensive Study,” covers valuable ... READ MORE

Water Pipe Restoration

| More than a million miles of underground pipes carry water to our homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses. These pipes last a long time, but pipes placed during the late 19th century through the middle of the 20th century are nearing—or have already reached—the end of their useful life. ... READ MORE

Get Organized: A Look at Comprehensive Tool Tracking

| Sponsored Content If you’re like most contractors, you’ve invested a lot of money to ensure that your teams have the required tools for completing jobs. However, despite these large investments in tool assets, you might not be tracking their usage and location like you do with your big machinery. We get it—you understand it’s important ... READ MORE

140 Tons of Fat

| A colossal beast has overtaken the city of London, threatening its infrastructure and horrifying inhabitants. It’s a sinister, smelly beast of a sewer blockage lurking beneath city streets. The Whitechapel fatburg, as the clog is called, is a concrete-like formation of fat, intermingled with disposable wipes, diapers, condoms, and feminine products that takes up a ... READ MORE

Solutions for Aging Water Infrastructure

| The pipelines that municipalities use to deliver drinking water to their residents take a beating. Large cities pump tens of millions of gallons of water to their customers every day. And many of the pipes that municipalities rely on to transport drinking water and treat wastewater are coated with decadesworth of grime and pollutants. ... READ MORE