Self-Healing Membranes

| AS THE PROBLEMS associated with water scarcity and declining water quality become more apparent in some parts of the county, water reuse is becoming an increasingly common option for communities to augment their water supplies. Water reuse is also becoming a more widespread option for managing wastewater rather than simply discharging into a surface water body. As water reuse becomes more common, the use of membranes has become more mainstream, acting as a physical barrier for pathogens and other chemical compounds of interest. However, a major issue regarding membranes is their long-term integrity and the cost of cleaning and continually monitoring membrane performance to ensure proper operations. Ideally, membranes would be resilient to challenges to integrity and be able to recover from damages. ... READ MORE

Storage in the City

| Wooden water tanks were once ubiquitous on the urban skyline—cylinders standing guard like sentries above the rooftops. Today, however, it seems that water containment devices are increasingly tucked away behind walls and integrated into building design. Most contemporary buildings pump water to large reservoirs in the top floors to make use of gravity flow. According ... READ MORE

Water Storage Systems

| There is only one readily available, accessible, and inexpensive substance that can be widely used to combat fires: water. However, in a changed climate where drought and forest fires are far more prevalent, and where commercial and residential development in vulnerable areas makes for ever more expensive property damage, available water supplies can be severely strained. Adding to this stress are long-term droughts induced by a changing climate, limiting the naturally available groundwater and surface water sources that are normally used to combat fires. A key to alleviating this water scarcity, water stress, and water deficit lies in securing adequate water storage systems. Water tanks are the traditional means of enclosed water storage, and they are evolving to meet the challenges of an increasingly unstable climate. The increasing frequency of forest fires and the lengthening duration of droughts are affecting both sizing requirements and tank liner material selections. ... READ MORE

Current Trends in Water Tank Maintenance

| With an eye to maintaining water quality in its potable water tanks, Huntsville Utilities in Alabama keeps all of its in-service tanks on a maintenance program that includes annual inspections. ... READ MORE

Fortified by Fungus

| Concrete, one of the building world’s most versatile, durable, and economical structural materials, is not infallible. It cracks. And even the smallest fractures can cause significant damage. Concrete shrinks as it dries. It can crack during this physio-chemical process or due to other factors such as weather fluctuations, seismic activity, or tensile stress. And as ... READ MORE

New Sizing Metrics for Water Storage

| Fire flow needs and regulations have always dominated the metrics for sizing the water storage capacity of a municipality or business. But these days, climate change, drought, and population growth have entered the picture as additional factors requiring consideration. ... READ MORE

Cementitious Coatings for Tanks In Special Applications

| Non-potable hot water and cold water storage can present different challenges due to the temperature of the stored water itself. AmTech developed its HydraStone cement lining for use on steel hot water tanks after the tanks’ original cementitious or thin mil epoxy linings have failed. The manufacturer points out that if the owner fails to reline the tank, further erosion will occur that will eventually permeate the outer steel wall, ultimately resulting in tank failure. ... READ MORE

Maintaining an Underground Potable Water Tank

| Underground potable water tanks can be a cost-effective way to store healthy drinking water, but only if they are maintained properly. To reduce operating costs and conserve water, tanks must be inspected, cleaned, and maintained regularly. Documentation must be accurate, consistent, easy to analyze, current, and accessible to be a useful tool in deciding priorities ... READ MORE

Preventing Water Loss in Storage Tanks

| A 49-year-old water storage tank leaking water eventually led the town of Chapmanville, WV, to replace its 75-year old water distribution system in 2015. Eventually, it learned that the town's distribution lines were also leaking like sieves. Together, the distribution lines and leaking storage tank were losing more than half of the town's water due to the leaks. ... READ MORE

Maintaining Storage Tanks

| An integral ingredient in maintaining the health of a water supply tank is a good inspection according to tank manufacturers and consultants. In the words of George Mead, municipal sales director with Tank Connection in Parsons, KS, “Nothing fabricated and installed will continue to operate without inspections.” Some states have created regulations requiring water tanks to be ... READ MORE