Lowest-Cost, Fastest Method of Eliminating Wood and Vegetative Waste

Dear Waste Professional,

When it comes to clearing a site, wood and vegetative waste often represent the most significant volume of materials from the site. Landfilling wood and vegetative waste simply does not make economic sense for most site clearing operations.

Our friends at Air Burners, Inc. have provided this special report to discuss the challenges and opportunities for dealing with wood and vegetative waste for site clearing operations. Air Curtain Burners, also called FireBoxes, were designed principally as a pollution control device. The primary objective of an air curtain machine is to eliminate the particulate matter (PM), smoke, or “black carbon” which results from burning clean wood waste. It is sometimes hard to visualize without seeing a machine in operation.

The picture below captures the scene nicely, and begs the question: “Where’s the smoke?”

When you read this special supplement, you will:

  • Learn the principles of Air Curtain Burners and how they eliminate smoke particles
  • Discover how Air Burners are operated
  • Find out the cost savings of Air Burners versus traditional chip and ship clearing operations.

If these questions intrigue you, and if there’s anything in eliminating wood and vegetative waste you think you still have to learn, download this special report before your attention turns to other matters. 

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