Waste Company Trashes Status Quo and Finds Savings

The impact of oil cleanliness on your equipment

Dear Waste Professional,

Boswell Oil Company serves the only locally owned, full-service waste solutions provider in the
Central Savannah River Area of Georgia. The waste solutions provider serves residential,
commercial, and industrial clients in the area. They operate 26 waste collection trucks. In late 2011 and early 2012, the waste provider was having a problem with their competitive brand hydraulic and engine oil not holding up. The hydraulic packer systems in their trucks were generating excessive heat due to the hydraulic oil breaking down. The excessive heat was causing seal failures in valve bodies and cylinders.

Our friends at Chevron Lubricants provided this case study to educate you about oil and lubricant ISO standards, the benefits of using clean oil, and why typical oils are probably not suitable for your equipment.

This case study will show you:

  • How to audit your oil to determine if you’re are meeting OEM ISO Cleanliness requirements
  • How to extend equipment lifecycles
  • How to reduce hydraulic systems repairs and downtime

82 percent of mechanical wear is caused by particle contamination.  Save your equipment from expensive repairs, costly downtime, and extend its life. Download this case study before your attention turns to other matters. 

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